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2017 Schedule

** To request a schedule update, Contact Nancy Osier


Date Club Event
Apr 29 (Sat) Oak Crest Golf Club Spring Fling Couples


Date Club Event
May 21 (Sun) Irish Oaks Golf Course Couples Tournament


Date Club Event
Jun 07 (Wed) Oak Crest Golf Club 4-Woman Scramble Invitational
Jun 10 (Sat) Marquette Golf Club 3-Woman Scramble-Greywalls
Jun 12 (Mon) Escanaba Country Club Senior 3-Woman Scramble
Jun 14 (Wed) Highland Golf Club 2-Woman Mystery Hole
Jun 14 (Wed) Pictured Rocks Golf Course 2-Woman -Par 3
Jun 15 (Thu) Ontonagon Ladies League 2-Person Bestball/Scramble
Jun 17 (Sat) Sault Ste Marie Golf Club Ladies Invitational
Jun 19 (Mon) Munoscong Golf Course 3-Woman Scramble
Jun 26 (Mon) –
Jun 27 (Tue)
Pine Grove Country Club Ladies Best Ball /Scramble
Jun 29 (Thu) Irish Oaks Golf Course 3-Woman Big Cup, Invite Only


Date Club Event
Jul 11 (Tue) Portage Lake-MTU Women’s Inv-2-Person Scramble
Jul 12 (Wed) Highland Golf Club 3-Woman Scramble
Jul 15 (Sat) Pictured Rocks Golf Course Couples Tournament
Jul 16 (Sun) –
Jul 19 (Wed)
Marquette Golf Club UPLGA Tournament-Heritage
theme: “Grease”
Jul 22 (Sat) Portage Lake-MTU Couples Tournament
Jul 22 (Sat) –
Jul 23 (Sun)
Highland Golf Club Highland Couples Tournament
Jul 26 (Wed) Escanaba Country Club Sally Fontaine 3-Woman Scramble
Jul 30 (Sun) Irish Oaks Golf Course Senior Couples Tournament


Date Club Event
Aug 01 (Tue) L’Anse Golf Club Ladies Invitational
Aug 01 (Tue) Little River Country Club 3-Woman Scramble
Aug 03 (Thu) Ontonagon Ladies League 2-Person Ryder Cup
Aug 03 (Thu) Sault Ste Marie CC 3-Woman Scramble
Aug 05 (Sat) Marquette Golf Club Couples Tournament -Greywalls
Aug 05 (Sat) Wawonowin 3-Woman Scramble
Aug 06 (Sun) Munoscong Golf Course 5th Annual Chuck Hessel Guys/Dolls Scram
Aug 07 (Mon) Escanaba Country Club Senior Women’s UPLGA Tournament
Aug 08 (Tue) Irish Oaks Golf Course Senior 3-Woman Scramble
Aug 13 (Sun) Pine Grove Country Club 3-Woman Scramble
Aug 12 (Sat) –
Aug 13 (Sun)
Sault Ste Marie Golf Club-Ont Mixed Invitational
Aug 14 (Mon) Indian Lake Golf & CC 3-Woman Scramble
Aug 17 (Thu) Escanaba Country Club 2-Woman Ryder Cup
Aug 19 (Sat) Sault Ste Marie CC Couples Invitational
Aug 23 (Wed) Oak Crest Golf Club 2-Woman Scramble
Aug 26 (Sat) Gladstone Golf Club 3-Woman Scramble
Aug 27 (Sun) Irish Oaks Golf Course Couples Tournament


Date Club Event
Sep 02 (Sat) –
Sep 03 (Sun)
Escanaba Country Club Couples Tournament
Sep 09 (Sat) Oak Crest Golf Club Husband -Wife Invitational
Sep 17 (Sun) Irish Oaks Golf Course Senior Couples Tournament
Sep 26 (Tue) Pine Grove Country Club Ladies Fall Invitational

2 thoughts on “2017 Schedule

  1. Sandy Hermanson

    We would like to golf in the 3-woman scramble on July 12th, 2017. We golf this every year. Can we get an entry form please.


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